How M-Commerce Software Can Enhance Your Business

In daily life we seem to spend more personal time on our mobile devices rather than desktops. We shop online, and the most attractive device for that purpose is a tablet. We browse for products and services, buy and sell them through mobile devices, which now have become at least as important as desktops. This means the shift from e-commerce to m-commerce. Business people who sell products and services now have to consider the mobile growth by adjusting their online shops. And mobile software is the main working tool of m-commerce.

Tablet, being ‘the golden mean’ between smartphones and laptops, has gained the rule of mobile commerce. It’s more compact and offers easier navigation and browsing, than a desktop. More than a half of tablet owners shop online. Smartphones are basically less convenient tools for online shopping; however, new smartphones gain bigger and bigger screens. Somewhere in between are phablets, which rapidly gain popularity and don’t seem to slow the growth. All these devices have countless users, who make up a great area to cover by m-commerce. And if you want to reach them and offer your products and services – make your e-commerce tools mobile.

There are two ways to enhance your commerce – mobile applications and mobile websites. Both are powerful assistants in the area, both have use and prospects. Mobile apps are quite good for loyal customers, while websites can reach everyone across platforms. Both of them make up a sales channel which greatly differs from the conventional one.

Here we can say that having a mobile website for e-commerce is an absolute must. The recent web development tools, such as HTML5 and CSS3, offer even better opportunities to create the user experience your clients expect. Mobile shopping presupposes quick search and purchasing. That’s why all the extra information that can be found on a desktop website, is left out in a mobile. Shopping experience on a tablet (and even more on a smartphone) is absolutely different from that on a laptop. It’s hard to count how many customers/purchases are lost when a person enters an e-commerce site, which isn’t mobile-optimized, which is overloaded with excessive information and small font size. A search will also bring customers to a website. That should really be a priority in your m-commerce strategy.

Mobile apps bring high customer satisfaction from the shopping experience of a favorite brand. Apps can save purchase history and give recommendations on products and services. This software is more suitable for increasing and supporting customer loyalty. While for small businesses a mobile website will be enough, for medium and large retailers it is quite reasonable to further launch apps at least for Android and iOS.

Having your online store optimized for mobile browsing and purchasing, is a necessity on the way to success. It will turn a new page in your commercial strategy and will assist you in keeping up with the competition on the market.

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10 Tips of E-Commerce Site Design for More Sales

E-commerce websites are usually designed to sell products or services for revenue and profit generation. An e-Commerce website that does not bring profits and enhanced sales is not worth having at all, as the overall objective of the business is not met. If an e-Commerce site or an online store is not interactive and does not offer sufficient information, it would not catch the attention of buyers. Thus, it’s essential to take steps to ensure a user-friendly, interactive and communicable site or online store to achieve the target. In this article, some important steps are described to ensure appropriate e-Commerce site design for enhanced sales and profits.

Shopping cart visibility

Visibility of shopping cart is a vital step that must be considered above all. Customers or buyers keep adding to the shopping cart before finishing the final transaction and thus, the cart must be visible right through the entire course of transaction. Shopping cart is an extremely vital component of an e-Commerce site and it can’t be ignored and put anywhere in the site. Making them highly visible for all time is the first important step to get the enhanced sales.

Inventory updates

It’s a very common aspect that products are ‘out of stock’ and buyers have to content with other available options at the store. An e-Commerce site must have a regular inventory updates on display so that the buyers can have a clear idea about the availability of the products or services. Don’t ever lure buyers in for products or services that are ‘out of stock’ as it might cause your dear in the long run.

Superior shopping experience

E-commerce websites enabling superior shopping experience to buyers get more sales than those not caring this vital factor. The buyers at the shop must be treated, pampered and made to feel special through easy-to-use tools and features. If your website categorizes all the products and services as per the popularity, price, USPs etc, more visitors would come. If the buyers are given the choice of product selection as per the wish, it would definitely bring superior shopping experience.

Search Augmentation

Having a direct search option is beneficial as the majority prefers this specific mode of searching to find relevant products/services from the site. The buyers won’t follow a long and tedious search through category and links as they seek instant results. The e-Commerce website must have a jQuery-based search option wherein even the wrong use of keywords by the buyers must offer right results from the database. That would definitely enhance sales as the search would be hassle-free.

Logical Navigation Paths

E-commerce websites usually have a wide range of products and services and bound to have loads of categories and subcategories. With so much to accommodate, these websites often fail to put in simple, logical and hassle-free navigation paths for easy search. If the search remains somewhat illogical and unproductive, the buyers are sure to not return to the site from the moment of bad experience. Thus, having straightforward and clear-cut navigation paths is suggested.

Ease of buying

Like brick-and-mortar stores, an e-Commerce website must offer adequate look & feel experience for buyers to enable appropriate buying. If a product is offered, it must have adequate information and images at the same point to offer more information. A site can’t afford to put a product here and its information somewhere deep down the site. A complete preview must be given at the point of the product listing.

Call-to-action buttons

An e-Commerce website with point-to-point and specific call-to-action buttons always performs better than the rest. A prospective customer would definitely proceed to buy if the call-to-action buttons are responsive; if not directed appropriately, he/she might switch over to the next available option. It’s, thus, recommended to get clear-cut call-to-action buttons to keep the buyers interested.

Product page information

Product pages are vital and hence, must be given due consideration for increased sales. If the product page lacks relevant information, it might put-off the potential buyers and sales would dip. The product page must have information like, product name, product image, product description, price description and buyers’ reviews. Having clarity of information on the product page is an extremely vital factor to enhance the sales.

Interactive product sample

An e-Commerce website that deals with products or services with a varying degree of variations must ensure interactive sample for ease of transaction. If there is need of size, color, image or graphics, these must be offered alongside the products for ease of transaction. Mind you, the buyers would love to come close to the physical buying experience and hence, it’s suggested to have an interactive product sample option in the site.

Reliable checkout page

Having a single page checkout is suggested as it enables smooth transaction and convenience to buyers. The checkout process must be kept as simple as possible to ensure reliability for buyers. If the buyers get good checkout experience, they would definitely back for more transactions.

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Why Alpha Beta Commerce Is the Next Big ECommerce Platform on the Web?

Alpha Beta Commerce is the latest entry in the eCommerce platform space on WordPress. It’s defined as an Enterprise eCommerce Platform on the web offering tailor made solutions for all different types of eCommerce businesses. The success of an eCommerce business solely depends on the core functionality of the website and it is necessary for merchants to develop a user-friendly shopping portal, integrating reliable payment gateways along with a proper inventory stock management system in the back end.

Here’s where Alpha Beta Commerce is one step ahead of its major competitors. There are no major players on the WordPress platform offering eCommerce integration with high functionality. Meanwhile, WordPress is considered as the most flexible and easy to use CMS on the web but it always lacked the setup of a highly functional complete eCommerce portal similar to bigger players like Magento, Drupal Commerce.

Here are the 7 of the top reasons why Alpha Beta Commerce will change the way we integrate eCommerce into our websites:

1. Multi Lingual/Multi Brand Functionality:
Alpha Beta Commerce offers multi-lingual and multi-brand functionality for eCommerce websites. Such functionality enables websites to publish the website in different languages as well as multiple brands for different regions. To set up your business globally, your website needs to support languages of the specific regions as well as sometimes you may have to rebrand your eCommerce portal according to the country/region. With Alpha Beta Commerce, you can easily set up such a multi-lingual or multi-brand shopping website for your eCommerce business.

2. More than 30 Payment Gateways:
The next important thing you look for while setting up your eCommerce website is the payment gateway for shoppers to buy your products. Alpha Beta Commerce helps the eCommerce website owners with more than 30 payment gateways to choose from in order to allow the shoppers to make the payments online from anywhere in the world with different payment options prevailing in their country/region. Again such functionality ensures you achieve more sales globally.

3. 100% Responsive:
Most of the shoppers today are on a mobile platform, hence it becomes very important to develop a 100% responsive eCommerce website for your business. Shoppers must be able to easily navigate through your eCommerce website, choose the right product and purchase it without any hassle irrespective of what device they are using, i.e. a mobile phone, tablet or a Desktop PC. Alpha Beta Commerce is an eCommerce platform that helps you create 100% responsive websites that easily boost your traffic from all different platforms.

4. Wide Range of Beautiful Themes:
Besides providing an enterprise eCommerce platform, Alpha Beta Commerce also offers you a wide range of beautiful themes for your online shopping business according to your product category or theme. Pick any of these wonderful themes and create a beautiful shopping portal with all major functionalities.

5. Global Shipping Facilities:
Shipping is yet another major concern when setting up an eCommerce portal. With Alpha Beta Commerce, you wouldn’t have to worry about integrating any shipping service or logistics provider. This platform helps you manage all the popular global courier & shipping such as USPS, FedEx, UPS, Canada Post, Royal Mail, Parcel Post, DHL etc. under one single account. It completely takes care of all your shipping needs and provides full integration.

6. Multi-Channel Inventory Integration:
With all the above mentioned features, Alpha Beta Commerce also provides multi-channel inventory management system under one account and one solution. Regardless of how many warehouses your business operates with, all the inventory can be accessed under one account.

7. Get Consultation from Enterprise Level Experts:
Beyond every other feature on the Alpha Beta Commerce platform, the best service offered is the consultation from experts who are more than designers or developers. These experts are industry entrepreneurs and veterans in their field who will guide you through your eCommerce startup journey by helping you generate positive results.

No other eCommerce platform on WordPress platform provides such a deep integration for all major functionalities required for a small or large company looking to do ecommerce. If you are launching a new startup in the eCommerce industry then we would strongly recommend to use the Alpha Beta Commerce service on WordPress.

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Is the Future of Shopping, T-Commerce?

Recent reports show that UK shopping habits are changing and we are now making more and more purchases not on the high street at the weekend but sitting in our lounge.

With the increase in internet enabled TV’s, the television is entering an entirely new era, with additional opportunities for advertising, marketing, revenue generation, and viewer participation.

A recent report from Conlumino suggests that up to ΒΌ of UK consumers will make online purchases from interactive TVs before the end of 2014, this is known as T-commerce.

T-commerce allows TV-viewers to respond directly to offers delivered on their TV screens, and instantly purchase products by using their existing remote controls and set-top boxes. But T-commerce goes further than just selling products via the television. With the additional customer interaction that you would not get from any other channel, you can get instant feedback from the viewer meaning an immediate response for the merchant. You can also deliver additional information on products, services or events directly from the content they are watching on the television.

The television is becoming a powerful commerce channel enabling merchants to sell over television and a lower cost than before.

To help stay ahead of the curve and develop an e-commerce platform ready for T-commerce, we recommend:

1. TV apps

Many of the Smart TV manufactures now offer software development kits (SDKs) enabling developers to create application designed for the TV. With this ability to develop applications merchants could create extensions of an online catalogue, greater social sharing experience, video-content marketing, or even games that introduce users to a their products.

2. Responsive design

Responsive design is a website philosophy and technique focused on giving users the best possible experience relative to their device – be it a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. With much of the focus for responsive design to work on small device screens, merchant websites should now also focus on the larger HD TV screens to optimize a website for television viewing.

3. Piggyback on existing marketplace

Many of the large marketplaces, like eBay or Amazon, have already started to enter the t-commerce space, therefore to get you started place some of your products on their marketplaces and piggyback on their system like the “Watch with eBay” application.

So is the future of shopping, T-commerce, I believe that it the natural progression of e-commerce and will change broadcasting and app development to create a seamless experience for the customer.

For further information about all forms of online commerce, visit or email us at

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E-Commerce Jobs and How They Lead You to the Top of Your Career

E-commerce is one of the most favored job sectors by graduates from Tier 1 colleges like, IITs and IIMs. As per a research conducted by Nielsen, has the findings that top graduates are now looking forward to wet their feet in this career domain.

The influx of fresh graduates towards this job sector is justified taking into consideration the growth this industry has achieved in its nascent years and is likely to grow at 50-55% annually for the next three years amounting to INR 50,000 Cr by 2016.

Not only the creamy layer of graduates, but fresh graduates have an access to plenty of opportunities as the industry is still moving forward at a rapid rate. Some profiles which were never in existence in the past years, have been created by the industry to funnel specialized roles for better operations and revenue growth, as an individual is assigned one particular set of tasks to accomplish.

Ideally, graduates who are fast paced, love challenges and are fuelled by passion have high chances of landing with a suitable e-commerce job. Innovatiness and creativity are the prime features of e-commerce jobs allowing one to exploit their potential.

Technical and non-technical roles, such as; content writing, graphic designing, community building and digital marketing, are some of them which allow talented graduates to pursue their passion in the fields of writing, designing and networking. Technical roles as that of a mobile app developed, web developer, information architects are lucrative e-commerce job option for geeks and the creative.

Other roles such as product management, product marketing, merchandizing, crosselling, up-selling, profit management, customer service, customer acquisition and supply chain management; are some of the conventional profiles which are available in other job sectors, however, these positions offered with e-commerce jobs are a lucrative option and sets your career path on a fast track of growth.

E-commerce jobs provide a platform to all employees to achieve growth in their career, which is done through the means of exposure and opportunities to utilize their full potential.

The work culture in the e-commerce industry is pretty exciting as well as challenging, at the same time. Free meals, paid travel, employee stock options and high pay packages; are the factors leading to a higher level of job satisfaction among the employees.

In a nut shell, e-commerce jobs are set to touch the roof. Major e-commerce brands are expecting investments which shall help them to reach out to a wider customer base and thereby leading to an exponential increase in e-commerce jobs.

This industry is ideally for those who can keep abreast with the changing trends in the industry and exploit them for their employers benefit, which shall directly impact your career goals allowing you to make it to the apex in no time.

Here in this article, the author has outlined the work culture, new job roles and the features of e-commerce jobs. The author has identified this job sector which sets the career path of every employee on a fast track of growth.

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